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Daily, an inspirational post comes to me from Ransomed Heart Ministries.  Today’s post was about the heart. I wish I could link it but you have to be a subscriber…..

When I read it I kept hearing this snipet of a song in my head. I couldn’t quite place it. The heart is a precious thing and should be protected. We tend to be careless with our hearts. We neglect them…literally. We let our blood pressure go uncontrolled. Silently, cholesterol and blood sugar lay down plague, stiffening the delicate blood vessels that actually feed our hearts. The changes are all invisible until we have a heart attack. Most of the diagnostic tests cannot detect a risk until lots of damage has been done.

There are no diagnostic tests for the spiritual damage we do to our hearts either. Only when the heart is in hurting do people realize that they have not protected their hearts. God gives us our heart like precious gems and we are careless with them.

Then I remembered the song. It a song by the Judybats. The album Pain Makes You Beautiful has a song called Being Simple.

Hearts cannot be broken, they are small squishy things.

They don’t break like glass but they bruise, easily.

This one’s bruised.

Protect the heart. Don’t be careless. Take your medicine. Keep it in shape. Protect it like a Wise Man’s present.

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  1. well said. I’m gonna go exercise now and on the way i think i’ll hug and kiss Hussam. :) Take care of both hearts. :)

  2. … and some people walk around for years with fear and belief that they have damaged hearts because of family traits and problems they have had with their hearts. But one day these people do have someone tell them they have a beautiful heart and diagnosic tests show that patterns can be broken. Beyond this fear and pain, the heart can grow even stronger.

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