I am going to a conference tomorrow. In Denver. Am I nuts? Born in Miami. Lives in Florida. Winter for me is a little frost on my evergreen St. Augustine lawn and a windshieled with a dusting of frost a bank card will scrap off. The weather website says highs in the upper 40’s. I did actually find my winter coat. It is a reasonable coat. I won’t look like an idiot headed to the Arctic Circle in a parka the size of Pittsburgh. I have boots, Bludstones. I had to buy gloves, scarf and hat. I am overpacked. I over pack going to a warm climate. I am overpacked. I vowed to take OUT 2 outfits tomorrow. I must remember cash for the luggage guy, bus driver and valet. Smile pretty and act helpless. Worst part is that I will finish my paperback BEFORE the flight starts. That will leave me an ipod full of CME. It will put me to sleep for sure.

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