I am in Denver for the ACOFP. It is the national convention for my specialty, family medicine. I am attending lectures. Today has been all about kidney disease. Lots to learn and relearn. Nephrology was one of those courses in medical school that 99% of the class slipped into a vegetative state. There was a steep curve upon which all tests were graded. I actually like renal anatomy and biology. The filter of the body, making urine. The kidney regulates blood pressure, makes chemicals that affect bone marrow and blood production. It affects calcium and bone strength. It is a major player, but often looses the limelight to it’s more glamorous cousins: brain and heart.

I have never been to Denver or Colorado. Fortunately, the weather has turned mild and I have been able to walk around in just a long sleeve shirt. It is a little chilly, but very nice weather. Dry and no humidity: translate to a curling iron endeavor that LASTS. My bone straight hair looks like I got a 1980’s Big Hair perm. Wild! Florida humidity is never, ever this generous.

I have not been in an urban environment in years. I can walk 3 blocks to the convention center from my hotel. There is a pedestrian mall, that I thin could use some revitalization, but it have the conventional chains for tourists: Virgin records, a movie theater, the standard chain fast foods and a Starbucks on nearly ever corner (NO LIE!). I did find a few gems. The Tattered Cover bookstore. I ended up there by mistake and will go back for a longer, lingering browse. Since it opens at 6:30 AM (!) I am sure I will find the time. I also found a little market, Cooks Fresh Market, that is a mesh of deli, trattoria and cheese shop and gourmet store. It is not very big, but they had fresh made sandwiches and breads. Then I found the ultimate treat, Yum Yum’s. This a tiny little bakery that makes CUPCAKES. Just cupcakes. Little ones and jumbo ones. I bought 2. The Double chocolate with chocolate frosting and the Red Velvet with buttercream frosting.

My lectures start at 7 AM tomorrow. Ugh!.

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