Daylight Savings

Last night we started daylight savings time. I love this spring forward part! It stay lighter later. I can walk after work and not feel like I am racing the sunset. By summer, it will not be dark until after 9 PM. It is wonderful.

In my childhood, daylight savings time meant more time to play. There was light AFTER dinner, so we often got to go back outside and play until the streetlights came on.

Childhood was a time of leisure. Summer was languid and full of exploring. We swan in the canal, jumping off the foot bridge or off the bank from someones backyard. We had summer recreation every summer. Shorties and juniors. They took us to the Bowl-o-Mat and the Kendall skating rink. But, most of the time, we palyed organized activities: box ball, shuffle board, 500, kick the can, crack the whip, dodge ball. If there was no recreation, we made hopscotches, jumped rope, went to the money bars and did pennydrops until we were nauseaous or did pogo sticks. We would tie the jump rope to the garage door and that way only one person needed to turn and two people could jump. There is an art to being able to jump in.

Yesterday, my Evan went do jacob and Jackson’s house. They live on the very last cul de sac in our neighborhood. The creek runs through their yard. Because of the recent rains, the creek is full and a perfect place to explore. Despite the low 60’s, Evan was waist deep wading through the creek (wearing his new Nikes)….fearless and full of wonder.

Tonight, at 9 pm, I had to arm twist to get my two boys in bed….the daylight savings time tug-o-war begins.

…..but is not dark out! Why do I have to go to bed?

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  1. I remember those long bicycle rides to Matheson Hammock along Old Cutler while we were shorties and juniors. We packed all we could in our backpacks and took a little money to buy junk food & candy at the concession stand next to the “water hole” and the bay. Having the sun later gave us the ability to travel farther away from the park. Somedays I miss the innocence and independence we had back then.

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