It has been raining here all day. Hard, steady rain. The streets are filled with leaves and debris. The spring that runs through our neighborhood is usually a trickle and barely moves. It is more like a mosquito retreat. Now, it is flowing fast. If it were not raining, you could hear it from my front porch. It is supposed to rain through the night. The Santa Fe River is under a flash flood warning since earlier this week. When I heard that, I said……from what. We have practically had a drought. When it rains this hard, this fast and this quickly, the ground can’t absorb it.

I usually love rain, but today the rain has grated on my nerves. There is discord in the sound of the rain. Usually, steady rain soothes and calms. Today, it has sounded like a piece of avant garde jazz, all flats and sharps and randomness. It has caused edginess to creep in. Fortunately there has been minimal lightening and thunder. The cymbals crashing heightens the tension and would have made me bonkers.

One of my most favorite childens’ books is called The Rain Came Down.

The Rain Came Down

The book is filled with noise…..it builds up and gets louder and louder and then the rain comes and it gets CRAZY. Then the rain stops and all is fresh and new.

I think I will go vacuum…..and try to drown out the noise of the rain.  It will make the kids turn up the TV volume….and the noise builds. Eventually, the rain will stop.

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