This time of year is so special. There are so many layers to the Christmas celebrations. Of course there is the secular Christmas of Santa Claus, but in America it goes so far beyond that. There are those claymation TV specials that were corney 30 years ago. Rudolph and Frosty and Charlie Brown’s sad, dead Christmas tree. There there are the Christmas lights on our houses. Did anyone note the earlier post of STUFF……well, Christmas lights are the epitome of planned obsolescence. They are cheap and basically disposable but I was full of awe and wonder walking through Kmart last week buying new lights. (I also bought our first artificial Christmas tree). Woot! No allergies for me this year. The choices and options for Christmas decorations is out of control. Target, Wal-mart, Kmart….absolute madness.

Then there are the gifts and the gift giving and the gift buying and the gift wrapping (and shaking and rattling and poking). Honestly, most gifts we give or received are not of “import”. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas gifting….the tags and bows and paper. If I had no gifts I would be sad. But, the art of gift giving is lost in the massive Christmas rush. We buy “something” for “someone” cuz there needs to be a gift under the tree for them. In my perfect world, I would have all the time to search for the perfect gift for that person, the special item that expressed exactly how important the recipient is to me. Unfortunately, there are 4 shopping days left and I need to buy SOMETHING! This is when a Chia pet seems like a real viable options.  

Then Christmas is about church. I don’t mean Jesus. I mean church. For me, I mean Mass. Since Christmas falls on a Tuesday, we attend mass Sunday (for regular church) and then again on Christmas Eve (for Christmas Vigil). A double dip.

Then there is Jesus. Baby Jesus born in a manager. We have a manger in the house. I kinda want the lawn art manger too…….but then I mix up Santa and Jesus and that seems wrong…..

Jesus, born to Mary and Joseph in the year of a census. Forced to travel back to their home town to be counted. I think of Mary, heavy with child. She knows the child is God’s son. She has been asked to do this thing….does anyone have that kind of courage anymore? But the Lord loved us so much He sent his only son. Emmanuel. The Holy of Holies. He is the true meaning of Christmas, he is the light, the star, the answer. Christmas is about LOVE. It is about family. It is about security. It is about remembering the past and honoring it. It is about the future. It is a promise. It is a gift. Jesus is the gift.

How long did God think about that gift? Did he sit around thinking about what he wanted to give all of mankind? Did he ask, “What would make them really happy? What would bring a smile to their faces? What would just thrill them?” He has given us so many gifts and creations to inspire and enthrall us. But Jesus was, is and ever shall be the most perfect gift.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I loved what you wrote here. I’ve been meaning to comment and just haven’t — though I’ve told several of my friends about your post. Your words were eloquent and put things in a perspective I hadn’t really thought about. I am a Christian and Christmas is such a special time for me — my favorite next to Easter — yet I never really contemplated what God was thinking when he gave us “the most perfect gift”. Very well said and thank you so much for your words. They have stayed with me and will for a long time.

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