Let it be

I saw this movie on Saturday. I took Cam and a friend to see The Game Plan, but I didn’t want to see that movie. I saw Julie Taymor’s movie, Across the Universe,  instead. The screenplay has many (most) of the most popular Beatles songs imbedded. The movie is about the 60’s and the power music had on that generation. There is a funeral scene in the movie that was potent and moving. A young boy sings Let It Be and then the song transitions to a full gospel choir with a soloist. It is so incredible.

Where are the great voices? Where are our inspirational leaders? There was once a time in this world, when an IDEA could move a mountain, change a country, stop a war. Now, it is profit margins and shareholders and liability. All of our leaders are looking for an angle for their own personal power or gain.

There was a time when a man or a woman spoke about what was right and true and just. Will there ever be another Dr. Martin Luther King? Will there ever be another great leader who we listen to and hold up because what they say is RIGHT? I am not interested in politics. I am also not interested in religion (in the context of converting people or excluding them).

I am interested in justice. I am interested in being true. I am interested in love. Love will change the world. Love will change the heart. Love is the only thing that can save us.

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