Time Out

I was never a great advocate of the “time out” for my sons. That method of discipline simply never worked. Corporal punishment is so taboo, but I am certain my sisters and I acted up only once or twice. There was no delay in the swiftness of my mother’s judgment. We each learned QUICK not to act up, especially in public places.

When I get too angry or frustrated or bitchy, I probably deserve a time out. I actually put myself in time out. I will say to myself, “you are getting out of control, you are in time out little lady!” I wish I could be put in time out for every year I am old. What a riot!

Can you hear it?

“Mommy lost her temper, she has to sit in the corner all by herself for 41 minutes. Do not talk to her, she has not been a good girl!”

I might act up just to get put in time out.

2 thoughts on “Time Out”

  1. OMG what a great idea!!! I get 43 minutes!! Maybe we should try this at work! LOL We could all use a period of peace and quiet.

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