Who invented pajamas? Historically, people have had night clothes or bed clothes. The Victorians refined the art of clothes, having a different article of clothing for most things. The clothes they changed into to sleep were elaborate and spectacular. Today, we have less high brow taste, but sleep wear is in fashion again. I am not speaking of underwear. Pajamas are the loungewear that allows one to be dressed but with no intention of leaving their home. Pajamas are comfy, cozy and reassuring. They are not usually sexy or provacative. A pair of Old Navy pajama bottoms, a tank top and big bulky socks are the ideal Sunday wear. I have a pair of socks I got on my honeymoon 17 years ago. They have no holes, althought their elastic has seem better days. I hope they make it to my 20th anniversary and then we’ll buy another pair for the next 2 decades. I like to come home from work, exercise, shower and immediately put on my PJs. It helps me make the mental transition to being at home. It is almost 4PM on Sunday and I think I will go shower and put on real clothes, do my grocery shopping for the week and then I can put on crisp, newly laundrered pajamas in 4 hours……what a luxury.

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