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I like sneezing. Lately, I have been sneezing alot because my town is cloaked in smoke from a forest fire. Plus, it is the height of pollen season. I usually sneeze in triplets. Three sneezes. I feel them coming. Sneezing make my nose tingle, I have to hold my breathe. Then when I sneeze I get goose bumps and tingle everywhere. Then it repeats two more times. If I hold the sneeze in, I can fracture them and sneeze six or seven times. They are silent but I get the same tingle and goose bump feeling from my scalp down my spine. They make me shiver. I like sneezing. Sneezes are one of those silly thing our bodies do that seem pointless. I think it proves God was whimsical. He gave us this “feature” that clearsdebris and irritants out of our noses AND gives us pleasure. God is great.

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