I prefer a solid night of sleep before starting a new week. It’s kind of like eating a good breakfast and setting off the day well. I did not sleep well last night. I woke at 4 am in a sweat. It wasn’t a hot flash or anything hormonal. It felt like hypoglycemia. Cause? I drank a glass of milk with dinner. I haven’t had much milk in the last year. While I eat the cheeses, I rarely drink milk. Lesson: milk does not agree with me.

So, today I refocus. Back to a modified Whole 30 diet. I am not up for the absolute exile of all grains and beans. I think the key is food from scratch. Meals with simplified ingredients. Meals composed of basic ingredients.

Isn’t that a good plan for all of life. Simplified, basic ingredients. Love, respect, kindness. Keep it simple. Keep it honest. And in that simplicity there is joy and wonder. A tall glass of ice cold water quenches thirst. A slice of homemade bread with fresh butter and honey satisfies the tongue and the tummy. A hot shower soothes the ache in muscles. Hot cup of coffee warms the belly and opens the eyes a wee bit wider.

I found a few good things this past weekend, too. Chris Stapleton’s album Traveller and a new artist Maren Morris and her song 80s Mercedes. I fed my first thoroughbred. I opened the paddock and walked close and filled her feed bucket. I was happy to not get kicked in the head. Horses are huge animals, even more huge when pregnant. I did more planning and made some decisions about the trip to Paris for my 50th birthday. I shared daydreams and pretends and listened to his daydreams and pretends. I found a sliver of hope and reconciliation on a path long fraught with distress and distrust. I believe that God has a GOOD plan for me.

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