My intention at yoga and when I pray my rosary is to be open. Help me be open. Open to new things. New relationships. Open to new experiences. Open to forgiveness. Open for the new year and whatever it may bring. Open to love. Open to remembering the good things about the past. I envision my hand opening, the palm offering all that it has held tightly, open to receive the unexpected gift. The priest sets the Eucharist into my palm. Can I be as open to other offerings?

I sign up for the extra yoga instruction. I accept the offer of a dinner date. I make my own offering to a friend. I practice yoga. I practice being open.

Tonight, the teacher read David Whyte’s poem The Journey. The last stanza resonated with me.

You are not leaving

Even as the light fades quickly now

You are arriving.

I am arriving. New doors are opening. Doors within me are opening. Some are doors I never knew existed. Some are doors I closed long ago. Time allows for new arrivals.

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