Magic lilies



In the late spring and early summer, after the heavy thunderstorms roll through and lightening has struck the ground, causing lights to flicker and computer hard drives to whir and crash, the rain lilies arrive. Some people call them fairy lilies or Zephyr lilies. They are a flower of my childhood, a flower I forgot until I saw a spontaneous cluster of them appear as if by magic on the side of the road leading out to my home. Then, as if by serendipity, one of the nursery folks at the farmers market was selling them in 1 gallon pots. I bought all that they had two years ago. They never fail to amaze and surprise me. I love their delicate blooms and pale pink blush. This year, I had a variation, a dusty rose bloom, a solitary flower surrounded by paler pinks. They are a sweet flower and bring me cheer.


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