Monday Monday

It’s been eons since I had a random Monday off work. This whole week I escape work to spend Christmas week with my sons. Next week, they shift to the father and I return to work. My Oldest went off to college in August and the house has been only The Youngest and I – and only part of the time. The dynamic changes with The Oldest returned home. Last night we had my mother over for dinner. I cooked something The Younger suggested and Mom loved it. My sons were charming and funny, made her laugh reading her raunchy poetry. It takes four days off to finally get onto vacation mentality. I tried to accelerate the transition today by playing Santa’s Helper.

I made gifts. I collected gifts. I stumbled upon a few choice and perfect gifts for a few people. And today, I drove around town and dropped off gifts and packages. Gifts of thanks and a few simply because they were sheer perfection for that particular person. Some people are really difficult to purchase gifts for and others are easy peasy.

I then mailed SIX boxes from the US post office. I made it a Zen exercise. I pushed a Publix shopping cart full of what needed shipping into the lobby of the local branch and set about packing, taping and labeling boxes. I stood in line twice. Another customer felt compelled to give me an education in how to ship packages – three separate lessons. I took it all in stride. It was all good. And everything is in transit, set to arrive Friday.

I found a few truly lovely things in the last few days. Some were suggestions by friends. Others were purely accidental.

Hozier – No idea about this band. Never heard of them until a friend linked a live performance of them. I am listening to their album now.

Tiny desk Concerts – The NPR mini music concerts. I have found more original, obscure and truly wonderful music from this venue. St. Paul and the Broken Bones was my latest but the list is quite long and includes Mother Falcon.

Speculos peanut butter – From Trader Joe’s. GO BUY SOME RIGHT NOW!

I also danced under the moonlight with friends to girl power hip hop in my Lucky Brand cowboy(cowgirl?) boots. I had a man smile at me across the room. I got to watch him talking and laughing with my friends. Later he walked me home in a moonless night, under the stars and kissed me goodnight.

Life is beautiful. I am blessed. I chose to be happy.


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