I saw Wild today, the new Reese Witherspoon movie. I also happened to watch the latest episode of Mario Batali’s High Road, the mini vignettes on Hulu. The same sentiment appears in both pieces. You can chose to laugh or cry. It all boils down to that. Do you want to laugh or cry? It might seems absurd to ask a woman who is being beaten by an abusive, alcoholic husband if she wants to laugh or cry. It seems insensitive because EVERYONE wants to laugh, to be happy and to feel joy. But…..what would you do to LAUGH?

It is within your power. If your life is full of tears and sadness, then change it. If you are locked in prison or held captive, find beauty and wonder SOMEHOW. Find some kind of beauty in every day.

Today, I sat on a bucket in my beesuit and watched the bees fly in and out of the hive. I watched them clean each other. I watched returning scouts, loaded with pollen, land like jets on a pitching air craft carrier. I imagined hearing the screeching brakes of their landings. The buzzing around my head and the rogue bees crawling on my leather gloved hands or arms held my fascination. To say I was amazed is an understatement. And all their endeavor to make honey I steal for my toast and to make bread.

I chose to laugh. It is a choice.

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