Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is filled with blessings. This mother’s day was filled to the rim. My sons surprised me by coming home last night. They did 83% of the dishes and clean up from my small dinner party and promised to make me breakfast. This translates into me making breakfast and them actually being awake to eat it. I like this arrangement because I like to cook and I especially like to cook for other people. We then watched Treasure Planet, a favorite Disney movie that we’ve watched a minimum of 37 times. We still love it. Then they did the breakfast dishes, a double bonus. We visited my mom and took her some pictures. Evan roamed around her house touching everything and looking at all her knichknacks. I think my mom really loves this; Evan is super inquisitive and perceptive and notices all kinds of things that most of the rest of us simply walk past. We then went to BurgerFi and had killer fries and burgers and made jokes and saw the same strangeness.

And it was good.

Our destination was the Hippodrome Cinema to see Ernest & Celestine, an animated movie by the same people who made The Triplets of Belleville – another favorite. The movie was Cameron’s idea and is proof that he knows me. We had an hour to waste so were spent it in the Artisan’s Guild Gallery and both of my sons talked to the artist on duty about everything in the shop. They looked at everything and touched half they looked at and commented on everything. They liked the movie and afterward we briefly stopped at Publix for lunch meat and bread (and doughnuts, for them). While in the store we cracked jokes and got to laughing and Cameron was so tickled he had to Tweet about whatever funny thing I said. There is a high compliment when your teenager is Tweeting the stupid things you say because he is laughing WITH you and not mocking you. It tells me he loves me, that he gets me and that BOTH of them….are JUST LIKE ME. It is the best Mother’s day present. EVER.

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