A few new discoveries

It’s been a long time since I did a Friday Favorites post. Since it is Saturday night and I am closing down one of the hardest weeks I have traversed in many years maybe I should take the time to offer up a few of my new discoveries and favorites.

  • Southland farmsThe postcard I filled out last May when I picked blueberries arrived this week. That means Southland’s orchards are ready to pick again.
  • NPR First Listen has delivered two new albums to my liking. The first is Sylvan Esso, which I ended up buying. I am currently listening to Conner Oberst’s (aka bright Eyes) newest album in toto. It is such a delightful things to get a free peep at a full album.
  • I have a strange fascination with Amanda Palmer and she posted something this week about a performance artist named Marina Abramovic, who will  be staging a piece at the Serpentine Gallery while we are in London. Seems serendipity that we must go see this artist.
  • I watched a Georgia Organics video and wished I had seen it before my tomato plants had gone wild with growth. Each year I learn something new about the garden. I will make a long single row of tomatoes and use the Florida weave from the first planting.
  • I added a second box to the beehive. The bees are happy and thriving. The queen is laying eggs and the brood is growing.
  • I am reading Sheila Hein and Doug Stone’s book called Thanks for the Feedback. I’ve learned I get very little feedback. I’ve learned a great deal. It is a dense read but I am determined to learn, to keep learning.
  • I love the naughty little secret of Coachfactory.com. I bought myself a new purse. Online. at a 60% reduction from regular retail.
  • I finished the 8th grade altar cloth that the class is giving the church/school as a gift. I hope they use it for the graduation mass.
  • I found the courage to make an appointment with a personal trainer. I have specific fitness goals and I finally admitted that I need a coach. She had to reschedule our initial meeting but I get points for making the appointment.
  • I have started photographing flowers in my gardens again. I think I will have a lovely assortment to make my holiday calendars again this year. It’s been five years since I made the last one.
  • One of our pear trees has four small pears set. We have fruit. Our first fruit.
  • I have managed to do for a few other people those simple kinds of things that I dearly love to be done for me. It’s why I do them. I know how much I would love them if they were done for me. And so I do them for others: a small gift, a surprise, a hand written card, a note tucked in to a homemade lunch, an ironed shirt and cleaned washed sheets.

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