Solo Act

I thought I was going to be away the entire Memorial weekend but came home today. it was good to be away albeit briefly. It always helps to be reminded where home is and sometimes you have to leave home to restore your sense of balance. It’s like returning to your factory, default settings. I pulled into the driveway, into the garage and I was instantly happy that, in the morning I can get into that beehive and check out Queenie and The Brood. After reassuring the kitties that I was home, I decided to go get a bite and see a movie.

I love the movies and I have no qualms about seeing a movie alone. What does it matter, you can’t talk in the movie so going alone is better. I treat them like reading books sometimes. Tonight, after an appetizer dinner at Bonefish, I went and saw Chef, Jon Favreau’s new movie. But I accidentally went into theater 9 instead of theater 10, and so I got to see the previews and the opening 3 mintues of The Railway – which I have heard nothing about but it has Colin Firth and so it must be seen. I quickly changed theaters and watched a whole second set of trailers (which is actually my FAVORITE part about going the movies) and then watched Chef. It is a great movie with great food (porn) and Latino music with a solid Miami beat. It is a great father-son story.

On Mother’s Day, my sons and I went and saw Earnest and Clementine at The Hipp Cinema. It was a sweet animation film from France.

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