New hiveThe initial jar of sugar water was gone. I’d planned on moving the bees tomorrow afternoon but I needed to get into that box and make sure they were still there. The hive seemed quiet, too quiet. I suited up and brought the larger box out to the elevated rack and set about moving the frames. I tried to find the queen to no avail. I know she’s there because the hive has doubled in size since Saturday. I’ll look for her this coming Saturday. I’ll take more time. I didn’t want to keep the hive open too long because the temperature was dropping. The blackberries have thousands and thousands of flowers so I didn’t give them more sugar water.

The bees were calm, they crawled all over me but no stings. No attempts to sting. It feels good to have something alive and active out in the yard. Then tonight, after the Younger went out to close the garage doors, a very fat rabbit when tearing off across the yard. She’d been up close to the rose beds. Everything has started to bloom. The irises and asters are loaded with blooms and they will explode this weekend.

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