One of the great things abut gardening is when people share something from their own gardens. I received a box of rhizomes more than a year ago from a long time friend in Texas. I must admit they sat in their box for a long time, unplanted. But I finally planted them last fall and they look to be quite hearty. This is the first bloom. I didn’t think bearded irises grew here. Luckily, these are runners and will spread. I’m excited.

Seminole bearded irisI also finally got around to re-canning the gallon of maple syrup I received as a gift from a patient. She brings me a gallon. Since I can’t eat a gallon before it molds and I didn’t want to give up the real estate in the fridge, I repackage it in sterilizer jars. I add a shot of some fine bourbon to a few of the jars to give as gifts.

Vermont maple syrup Bourbon Jars of syrup


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