Fairy tales

Archetypes exists for illogical reasons. Their mere existence challenges reason and logic. I believe in free will; I am not a believer in predestination but I think embedded within the recesses of our primordial DNA is the mapping of these archetypes. What it means to be a woman or a man. Cinderella, the warrior queen, the gallant knight, the handsome prince, the benevolent king and then there are all the foes: the jealous, plotting knave, the wicked witch, the evil step mother, the trickster and the backstabbing black-hearted friend who betrays the hero. Real life, our modern life, still has all these characters. We can argue that this is a modern world with logical explanations and that people aren’t fairy tales characters but on some primeval level, we know the truth. We’re drawn to the truth. The success of Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft is based on our hunger for these grand archetypes. They show up in Mad Men and The Sopranos and even vapid teens shows like The Vampire Diaries (which I unapologetically watch). They play out in our work places and in courtrooms and on street corners.

Who shall defend us? Who shall come to our defense or our rescue? Shall we take up arms and defend our kingdoms against the Black Menace, whatever or whomever that shall be? Will we have our happily ever after? Does someone have to get bespelled or shot through with a poisoned tipped arrow? Is there always a magical kiss to beat back the Darkness and win the day for the Light?

I believe in fairy tales and fables for at their core there is truth and fundamental knowledge of how we define ourselves and our places on this earth.

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