As I stand on the precipice of the week, it appears to be a long and packed week filled with work (I have a doctor out for vacation), night time meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Wednesday meeting has a subcommittee meeting for which I need to do the credentialing work which means reviewing eight files of physicians and extenders and their alleged misdeeds. Tuesday we have a meet and greet pre-interview with a prospective employee. Then I have personal appointments that have been rescheduled twice and unfortunately, rescheduled into a week that is feeling very overbooked. The boys come home Wednesday afternoon and that is my finish line. Once they are home for the long weekend, I can manage all other things – I think. I also have two visitors coming this week, both with their graduating kids to tour the university. That’s why I spent the last three days attending to the yard, stocking the pantry with meals, washing the bed linens and doing my all purpose cleaning. I simply adore welcoming people into the home and offering to host visitors. But before I can do any of that, I need to get to the office and attend to the sick and the infirmed. Given that I was out on Friday, I expect the day – nay, the week – to be very busy.

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