Gratitude Project: Day 3

To be known and to be seen are my blessings today. I am grateful for those people in my life who see me, who know me, who GET me and still really like me. They also know that they can shed their fabrications when they are with me. My exchange is safety. People are safe with me and my expectation is that i want to be safe with them. It’s the golden rule, right? Do for other as you would want done for you. Be generous and kind and respectful for that is what you wish and desire for yourself: kindness, generosity and respect. And the people in my world with whom I am most safe are an unlikely, hodge podge, patchwork group of folks. Some of them might no get along well with each other but they are safe places for me and for that I am thankful. While the Lord is always a safe place, I don’t hear is voice inside my head with the same clarity and empathy as a friend on the phone or a friend on chat. For this, I give thanks.

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