While I never ran away from home as a child, I had runaway fantasies. I’d pack snacks, a book and a few toys in a bandana and tie it to a stick and go off to the concrete pipes behind Pinelands Presbyterian Church or to the hide out underneath the footbridge at the end of my street.¬† I always came home before anyone missed me.

I needed to get out of dodge last week. I’ve needed to get out of my daily grind. I am comfortable being alone; I do all kinds of stuff alone. I have hobbies. I have friends. I will go to the movies alone if there is something I want to see. I saw The Way Way Back this summer and it was great. I’ll likely go see 12 Year A Slave, too. I am impulsive about the movies. But this weekend trip was well planned.

Last year, I made purchases that I could not fit into my car and get home. That wrought iron patio sofa has been stored at a friend’s house for the last year.

Country Living sofa

So, this year, I rented a Chevy Suburban so I could get my patio sofa home…..and I could buy other stuff, too. And, I have.

Deco bench100_9588Deco bench

I bought an early bird pass for the Country Living Fair, so I could enter the fair a few hours before the “amateurs”. Many of the vendors were the same as last year and even in the same location but my interests and tastes have changed since last year. It was also frickin freezing this morning and will be even colder tomorrow so I bought myself a sweet little coat from Tryst Dunwoody Boutique‘s booth. I wasn’t hopeful that I’d find a coat that would fit because most coats are cut small and slim, but I was happily surprised….and WARMER.

When I couldn’t stand the cold and my feet felt like chunks of ice, I called the day at 1pm and headed off to Buckhead and a visit to Savi Provisions. The liquor store was a total SCORE and I bought a bottle of Richland Rum and a bottle of Friulano (wine) with hopes it would be as lovely as the glass I had last night at Cakes & Ale in Decatur. The hardgoods and catering section of Savi Provisions was quite disappointing. Having cut my teeth in Washington DC on Sutton Place Gourmet, prior to the inception of franchises like The Fresh Market or Whole Foods, I have a high degree of expectation. You can’t stock the “standard” of gourmet groceries….Whole Foods and The Fresh Market¬† (and even Publix) have Brianna’s and walnut oil and decent balsamic. You have to stock LOCAL and unique and small batch items.

I ate a fantastic burger at Flip Burger Boutique and must admit, it was a kick ass burger. Perfect. with perfect onion rings. It was the most food I’ve eaten in months. Considering yesterday (other than the light fare, small plate dinner at Cake & Ale) all I ate was a Cliff Bar and ginormous apple. I think my tummy has shrink cuz it wasn’t an extreme amount of food. And the burger wasn’t ridiculously huge. But is was a great burger. I am thinking I am going for breakfast at the Sweet Potato Cafe in the morning and then maybe headed home. I ran away for a few days, but now it’s time to go home.

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