Rehoming: [ree-hohm-ing] – verb to intentionally, voluntarily even gleefully cancel a vacation or excursion early to return home, the choice is made with intention because who would choose to sleep more than 2 nights in a strange bed when they have an awesome bed and home with a kickass kitchen and cool cats.

People will ask, “Why did you come home early? Weren’t you having fun?” Sure, it was fun, as much fun as you can have shopping alone. Shopping is like playing craps in Vegas…..much better with a crowd cheering you on. Shopping alone feels kind of pathetic, especially when you have the potential and permission to blow some serious coin. I saved for this trip, about $100 a month for a full year, add a refund check from the insurance company and I was flush with money to spend. I had decorator ideas: red wall items for The Hub, garden implements, maybe some linens and the final collection of the patio sofa I bought last year. I also had some foodie excursions planned. But foodie excursions alone are like peep shows in skeevy, half abandoned strip mall Adult XXX stores. Who wants to do that more than once?

I had a truly fabulous meal at Cakes & Ale. It rivaled Husk in Charleston but without the hullabaloo; it was very understated, classy with a truly sublime meal. The second meal at Flip Burger, the one with the beet and goat cheese salad, the homemade thin sliced beer batter onion rings and the double 3 oz patties of grass fed beef with Tillamook cheese and grilled shallots was a naughty, naughty thing. I felt way too full afterward, it was a food orgy. I was certain everyone looking at me could see the flush of high fat and protein I had just gorged on……Like I said, “Naughty.”

I had to come home so I could be my normal wild self in a place without video surveillance. So I gathered three kinds of beans from the garden, a fresh head of butter cos bibb lettuce and added an aged cheese from The Fresh Market and the fig balsamic I bought at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta…..and that’s dinner, folks. I came home, I unpacked, I hung and placed some of my purchases and I cooked a food porn worthy meal….and had a couple of rum cocktails, cuz I’ve not driving anywhere.

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