Sound the Bell

Having two other souls under the roof changes the dynamic of my heart. Just reading his text, “I’ll pass you on the road. I want to come out and drop off my stuff first.” I had an after work board meeting and didn’t get home until after 8pm only to arrive to the boys piled inthe Hub. Cam had commandeered my laptop and loaded Civilization. Evan was on XBox and they were making Mac& Cheese.

Some nights, this house is so quiet and all I have are my rattlings to keep me company. But then the boys come home and the house takes a deep breath and opens its eyes. They are bad about turning every possible light on, so the house sits illuminated  like a large birthday cake. The can use every glass and dish in the cabinet in the span of four hours. But they are good about texting me that we need milk or Reese’s. And they are starting to eat my baking and cooking. I woke to empty fudge bar molds all over the kitchen.

My heart clangs like a ill shaped church bell when they are not close, deformed and slightly defective. But they come home and something inside me fills back up and I can breathe again, too.

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