Baby steps

Success depends on tenacity. It’s measured in increments, small steps, fractional progress, often accompanied by regression or stalled waiting. Success requires patience. Hastiness never leads to success. I am an eager soul but I am not hasty. I plan, I plot, I run projections. Granted, I process faster than lots of other people that is appears I am hasty, but I assure you – I’ve run the options. I think it through. I joke with friends that I play both sides of the board, running all moves out to the end game. And I wait. I hate waiting, loathe it. I want to GO! But, I wait and I keep playing the board. And then, an unexpected offer for help arrives from a complete and unexpected source, a place I had never even considered and an obstacle is removed and things can progress. Another small incremental accomplishment and The Hub is that much closer to being decorated and furnished as I want.


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