Grub Crawl Part 1

I spent the weekend traipsing around Charleston, South Carolina at the Bon Appetit Grub Crawl. With so many fine and enticing choices on the afternoon vs the evening Crawl, we elected to make the whole weekend a Grub Crawl of sorts. The biggest difference between our weekend personal event and the magazine sponsored evening event was the lack of libations at our other choices. The “open bar” is a true litmus test of one’s drinking habits. On the Bon Appetit Grub Crawl, there were select drink concoctions showcased at each of the five venues. We’re not talking a tepid keg of Nati Bo, either. I’m talking mixology at its finest Southern pretentiousness. Rye whiskey and small batch gins tonics and grenadines, rums so smooth they felt soft and warm going down, Grey Goose vodkas ice cold and spiked with cherry or with pickled green tomatoes. And then there where the fancy ice cubes or cylinders made especially for a particular glass shape. I will write more later this evening as I organize my thoughts but consider starting the day with a gourmet doughnut from Glazed, a small shop of hand crafted doughnuts on upper King Street that had a line snaking out the door like Tartines in San Francisco……get the doughnut French toast with blueberries. Heavenly.

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