Think think think

I must give thanks to a new friend who helped scrub my website of a virus. While the blog has been visible from the web, I have been unable to get into the site to post. A new variation on my life lesson of impotence and powerlessness. But, as with all things, I am continuing to learn to cope with powerlessness and to adjust. It makes me assess and re-assess what I REALLY want. How do I want it and how do I plan on getting it? It is a healthy and sustaining exercise that applies to all aspects of life. What do I want from my faith, what are my expectations? What do I THINK it offers me and how might I benefit? What do I hope for with regards to my health? How will I maintain a health state of existence? What do I need to do (or not do) to obtain or maintain certain aspects of my healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. What do I hope for from love? Will I ever fall in love again? Am I capable of trusting again? How do I cope with disappointment? Where do I see myself professionally. Am I headed in the ‘right’ direction? Am I traveling with people whom I trust professionally? If not, how might that be changed? Is there anything else I might consider doing professionally? Could I change horses at this point in my life? What do I foresee in my creative future? Shall I return to writing? Does this blog matter? To me? To anyone else? With all the recent NSA surveillance scandals, it is funny to think that this blog may be the LEAST public venue in which to reside in the virtual world. Traffic here is low. And the likelihood that my wee little blog is getting culled by any NSA webcrawler is laughable. I entertain the idea of retracting from the Facebook arena and returning to this smaller paddock of virtual existence. These are all exercises worthy of regard and discernment. A brief three day weekend in Chucktown with friends and amazing food may or may not be conducive to the process.

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