The glass is half full, right? If I focus on the positive and ignore the negative, I can change my attitude. Right? Thankfulness and gratitude are contagious and having a mindfulness of life’s blessings increases the blessings, right? Well, don’t tell my droopy dog self. My droopy dog self has a bury under the covers, curl in a ball, black out all the windows, stuff ear plugs in my ears, take a Benadryl and blot out the world attitude. I don’t feel good but I think it’s more that I am not “thinking” good. I don’t actually think I am sick. I am just sick-n-tired. I am feeling existential and that has the cerebral equivalent of the flu, the mental malaise of wanting to know what is the fucking point of it all? Somehow, I doubt burying under the covers and hiding from the world will help me find an answer to such teleological ruminations. Best – or better – to pitch myself onto the floor, force myself to dress, put on my “face” and go to work and listen to other peoples real problems and disregard my own affectations. No good is served in solely and simply serving myself.

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