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What a productive weekend. I must admit, it;s easy to be super productive, when the weekend includes a full Friday off from work. I did some really hard work in the yard and with the exception of getting the lawn mowed (I have a lawn guy who couldn’t mow due to rain) and painting the last 3 sections of the back fence (also due to the rain), I got my yard chores done. I weeded the front southwest corner of the house and realize this is the one quadrant I spent the least amount of time landscaping back in August. The truth is that I don’t really see this section because it can’t be seen from inside the house and I don’t walk by it to get in the door. But, all my mechanical fixtures are on that corner and I an planning on building a fence to conceal that area. I have to relocate the camellias that got clobbered by frost in January and weed the bed overall. It was four hours of hard work and had I not pinned my own foot under a shovel handle and fallen flat onto my chest and face, I would have worked for a few more hours. There is something about getting the air forcibly knocked out of my lungs that deflates me. I got an additional 50 bags of soil and compost to fill the low rider garden beds and augment the high rise beds. I transplanted everything and sowed new seeds. The trellises are sprayed and now match the doors of the house. I scored 5 gallons of coffee grounds from Bageland to add to y garden. Now when I am out there watering, the sweet smell of roasted coffee rises up. Last night I also binge watched Prisoners of War on Hulu and guessed the twisted ending. I finished the red and grey quilt top and got all the fabric cut and paired for Evan’s bedroom quilt. The farmers’ market was a win-win. The man selling Louisiana irises was there despite the pouring rain and I got SIX new irises. I plantedĀ  them in the newly weeded front southwest bed. When the fence is built and the other plants that were knocked back during the winter return, that area will have serious POW! factor. The Chickasaw plum has sprouted and leafed our and I added an area of densely seeded zinnias beteen the AC unit and the transformer. As I sit here writing, I have a plan of cookies headed into the oven and a “preevening” snack before dinner. I read through five different gardening books on all the things I want to grow and made adjustments especially since Evan wants watermelons. I am hoping that growing the watermelons will make him actually EAT watermelon. I have 3 baskets of laundry to fold and my toenails to paint (I got a new fabulous color when at Ulta on Thursday). We pick up Cameron’s tuxedo for prom on Wednesday and this coming Friday I have a meeting with my writing coach about my novel, the formal critique I had done and my new writing project. And while it’s not exactly monkeying around….it was a totally laid back and relaxed weekend.

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