Weekend Wrap Up

What a lovely weekend! Having Friday off to tack onto the weekend was a tremendous bonus. I got so much done!

The UPS man delivered a tidy little box with this olive oil. My own olive trees have been severely stressed by the cold and have dropped all their leaves. The cambrias are still green but we’ll have to wait for the spring growth.

I love the sweet flowers on these plates. I found five plates and they were only $4 each….and 40% off.

These Cambridge Square glasses match the house perfectly because the feet are square like all the faucets and escutcheons in my house. The bonus was finding smaller companion juice glasses on Ebay.

I planted red peppers. I replanted my front planters with pink and salmon colored geraniums. I bought and the nursery will deliver my loquat tree tomorrow, along with 30 bales of pine straw. I planted my caladium bulbs and the garden beds are finished, although they need the exteriors painted to match the house. The seeds I started have germinated and I am hopeful I will have onions, carrots, lettuces and soon tomatoes.

I talked to a lovely friend on the phone long distance. I cooked a fabulous meal for my best friend and her husband, although I think his allergies to cats will overshadow the meal….oops. I believe this will be a great week. Oh…and we have a new Pope. In all, a good weekend.

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