Locate the Loquat

On Saturday I stopped at TNT Nursery and bought 30 bales of straw and their largest loquat tree. Prior to delivering them today, they called and asked where to put everything. I specifically said ON THE DRIVEWAY, at the end in front of the red bud trees. I figured that the guys that work at the nursery could identify a red bud tree when compared to a GARAGE DOOR. It’s kind of a basic Sesame Street “this things is not like the other” test. So, I pull up in Teacake and hit the garage door opener and the bales proceed to fall over sideways and knock over the planter and the new geraniums. I spent two hours moving and spreading the first six bales. Oh, and the loquat tree is NOT the tree I bought. So tomorrow they have to deliver the proper, larger tree. As penance, they offered to plant the loquat tree if I would just mark the spot. I figure if they cannot distinguish between the door and the driveway, I can’t be sure they’ll dig the hole where I mark the “X”.

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