Wednesday news

Wednesday days are awesome days. Wednesday is the day my sons come back to me. I think divorce is hard and unfortunate but it really isn’t the kids’ fault. SO often they get stuck in the middle. The very best thing that we did through our divorce was to not tug-o-war over our sons. They are with their Daddy 50% of the time and they are with me 50% of the time. Having two houses, two bedrooms, two closets, to dirty hampers, two car trunks, two sets of chores, two beds, two different computers makes it a juggling act for my sons, but it eliminated all doubt or fear or anxiety about whether their parents loved them and wanted them. We have awesome sons. And on Wednesday they come back to me. Wednesday is also Hump Day, the day before Friday Eve (aka Thursday) and it puts us all that much closer to the Weekend. And the crowd says, “Amen!”. Something about Wednesday gets me thinking about….cooking, crafting, painting my toenails, road trips, and…..I know, I am a little bent….cleaning my house. I wanted to share a few cool things I discovered lately.

I baked this strawberry cake recipe. I found it at a sweet little blog called Confections of a Foodie Bride. I love discovering a blog that someone has dedicated years to and continues to devote their time and talent. I think this weekend deserves some fresh strawberry cake and rematch of the first attempt that wasn’t quite perfect. It was tasty but it could be better.

I also love the weekends for thrift stores and “antique” barns. In my neck of the woods, an “antique” is some possession too fancy to put on your garage sale cardboard table with a swatch of masking tape and a 25 cents scrawled in black Sharpie marker.  I recently found this glass at Main Street Antiques out in High Springs and paid a whopping $6 for it. Fancy, huh?

And this weekend also means I get to go tromp around at the construction site. First look at the picture and you’d think I was at the beach but the Bobcat treads give it away. It is all so exciting.


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