Perfect Sunday

It’s just barely May and it is dastardly hot already. It is always hot here in Gainesville in the summer but summer starts after Memorial Day, after school lets out. Summer is later. But it is in the mid 90F’s and the humidity causes, ice cream, make up and car paint to melt at equal rates. My care actually needs a proper bath; he’s covered in silty dirt and his insides are sprinkled with sand from the construction site. I must be reminded that a Lexus IS 250 is not a utility vehicle. The trunk is currently carrying a machete, two pairs of work boots, long arm pruning shears, a hand cranked seed spreader and a bag of wild flower seeds. As much as I love my zippy little car, I may need to expand to a vehicle to carry and tote. When I am limited at the farmers’ market from buying the 15 gallon peach trees because of my car, I have a problem. I should consider my car the restrictor plate against my desire to play Farmer Lisa.

It is a bright, sunny but thankfully breeze Sunday. It will be a great day to escape the sun at mid afternoon to go see The Avengers. I have a fresh strawberry cake baking in the oven and I will frost it properly with buttercream frosting…..that cake is out and cooling. I put together a hearty meat sauce in the Crock Pot and so tonight, we’ll have homemade spaghetti and meat sauce with a Caesar salad and French bread. Tall glasses of milk with cake to sit and watch the PBS Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock Holmes, season 2 starts tonight.

Life is good.

I’ll add photos, so come back later to check them out.

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