Evan’s birthday

My baby Evan turns 12 today. He’ll spend the day on a 6th grade class field trip to Camp McConnell. Shush, don’t tell him but I intend on buying him a new…..like I’d post it here! I can barely keep a secret, I know ya’ll can’t. My baby is becoming a very interesting person. He is no longer a baby, he’s barely a child. He’s grown four inches since last August. He now sleeps through the night without sleep walking. He likes Mythbusters and River Monsters and Thundercats. He likes to listen to audiobooks. He dislike loudness, especially in movie theaters. He sneaks candy and chocolate and sweets, stuffing the wrappers between the sofa cushions. He once put ketchup on everything but have out grown this, developing a more discerning palette. He decides on foods based first on their visual appearance and second on their texture. He like pungent, hard cheeses. He draws and spends hours on an art project. He is may lovely Evie and I love him so.

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