Wall climbing

It is official. I am climbing the walls. I last worked on Tuesday. Off on Wednesday, I relaxed and did prep for the cooking extravaganza on Thursday. On Thursday, my sister and I cooked like fools. We made a 20lb turkey with all the fixins and four kinds of desserts not counting the ice cream in the freezer. On Friday, we wandered leisurely and aimlessly through Target, Kohl’s and Best Buy and bought nothing. We ate leftovers on sandwich rolls and reheated side dishes. Today began the bonus weekend and I spent a few hours this morning hunting for, finding and fixing the ‘glitch’ in Quicken that had my account off by just shy of $500. Then I did some sewing, determined to finish a few projects. I also wish to be economical and use fabric I already own (and some already cut) to sew a new project. I then toted all the compostable waste from Thanksgiving out to the property to begin my compost pile, hopeful that by next fall, I will have something to add back to the soil and garden beds. As for now, those beds are mere figments in my imagination.

The drive out to the property (and onward to the quilt store) was simply lovely. Big sky with white clouds rolling high above framed the quintessential north Florida fall afternoon. The quilt store was having a sale (yeah me!). When I returned home, I took a nap – a pants-off-under-the-covers nap only to be awakened 22 minutes later by my sons ‘ya-yaying’ at each other. Then I suffered through HOURS of Monk. His neurosis is tolerable for an episode or two but after seven hours, I am ready for Haldol and  four point restraints…..for myself. I ate a salad for dinner and left all leftovers untouched. About an hour ago I realized I have cabin fever. I need to go back to work, except tomorrow is Sunday. I need to go work out tomorrow. The anesthesia of TV has failed.  It is like nails on a chalk board. So, I took a long bath with lavender soap and I am headed to bed. I will take a dose of Benadryl and stuff plugs into my ear canals. And I will pray to wake feeling relaxed and refreshed.

I am thankful. Truly. Honestly. It just takes me about three days to truly unwind from work. Except, I delay the unwind by the overlay of a chore ladened holiday like Thanksgiving. I am thankful for simply beautiful weather. I love my Mukitchen apron. The pansies I planted out front last weekend are cute as can be. The quilt top is finished but I cannot post pictures because it is a GIFT. My only goal for tomorrow is to unpack my Christmas tree and try to locate the blown fuse that is causing tier three to only partially illuminate. Then, I may be on a scavenger hunt to locate replacement fuses. We shall see…….

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