Swiss Army knife

What do you need for the day? When the day is sitting in a convention center ‘classroom’ from 9 am until 6pm and your hotel is a half mile away, what should you tote along? It is an easy walk and there is a shuttle every 20 minutes or so, but there isn’t really enough time between lectures to get back to the hotel. So….I have to plan to carry what I might need: a bottle of water, my laptop, a book(for when it gets BORING), a sweater and…..suddenly I have a backpack on and it’s full.

So much in life is anticipating what may happen and being prepared for it. Having the emotional and psychological equivalent of the Swiss Army knife would be awesome. We could just whip out the necessary tool to adjust and fix the problem. We’d have things covered without worry.

I am off to ‘school’. It’s a sunny, windy central Florida day. No rain. No snow, no flooding….and no worries. At least not right now.

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