Facts not fiction

Wednesday is for facts only.

  • I like going to conferences and learning. Even in the most boring lecture, there is always something to learn. There is always a pearl.
  • I love Williams & Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, IKEA and West Elm.
  • I would rather be served at a restaurant than to have the self-serve buffet.
  • Today was a perfect Florida day: sunny with few clouds, brilliant blue skies and a good steady breeze. From my 8th floor hotel room, I could see for MILES.
  • I like black out curtains.
  • I watched The Hedgehog, a French film. It was very good but are all French directors existentialists? And why are they so morbid? No one is ever permitted to be happy. Jeez. Still…a good movie.
  • I like foreign films even with subtitles.
  • Diet Coke in a can is superior than Diet Coke in a plastic bottle.
  • Dark chocolate shames milk chocolate. Period.
  • If a restaurant can’t make decent French fries, don’t trust ANYTHING they cook. I had the most amazing fries at the Capital Grill Monday night. Fried crispy and with an intense potato taste and tossed with Parmesan and truffle oil. Oh may!
  • I miss my sons. I am ready to go home. I already have a date with my youngest to see Puss in Boots tomorrow, since he has only a half day of school.
  • I think I am venturing out of my shell. I had lunch with a friend and dinner with old classmates and their colleagues.
  • I tracked down a mentor and asked for help. She helped me get my head back on straight and ironed out the nasty knot around my spine. I can finally take a deep breath with out feeling like weeping. Also, I no longer feel like someone cracked a bat across the back of my head.
  • I still feel profoundly guilty for not being at work. I feel like I am skipping school.
  • If tomorrow is a beautiful as today, my drive home will be fantastic.

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