I woke to a cloudy day drizzling with rain. The cloud cover is dense and it is the kind of fall Saturday that warrants snuggling. I stayed snuggled down in bed for as long as I could but my two cats will have none of the rolling over and going back to sleep. I took my oldest son to his cross country meet and after letting him drive to the community college, I wasn’t going back to bed. His 15-almost-16 year old driving doesn’t make me nervous. I am eager for him to be confident and capable of driving. But I must be fully AWAKE to ride shotgun for him to drive. So after returning home, I set about to organize my sewing for the day and to make homemade bread. I made Smittenkitchen’s Apple Honey Challah, but I used melted butter instead of oil and the outcome is a dense brioche bread with sweet bites of apple speckled throughout. I couldn’t resists it and a warm slice smeared with butter was heavenly. Now I will snuggle down on the sofa and do my hand sewing. Or, maybe I will take a nap. After I have another slice of bread.


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