Tuesday’s Tick List

I haven’t had the time or the inclination to do a post about all my new discoveries and the stuff that makes me fall in love.Have I mentioned how much I love my iTunes? I like my iPod but I love my iTunes, especially that Genuis that finds me music similar to stuff I already own. That is how I found these new (to me) artists.

  • The Avett Brothers‘ new album called I and Love and You.
  • Aes Dana’s album Season Five
  • Joshua JamesBuild Me This
  • I also love, love, love Netflix. It is almost worth cancelling cable. And our northern neighbors make some fantastic and intelligent TV. The Canadian series ReGenesis was awesome. The series Intelligence, filed in British Columbia is fantastic. So is the soundtrack. I watched the much acclaimed series Firefly and was PISSED it stopped at 14 episodes. FOURTEEN. My #2 son and I are watching the BBC Robin Hood series…..dozens of episodes.
  • The Clarisonic Mia…I don’t think my wrinkles like it too much because they have gone into hiding.
  • Pistachios. I never really liked them and I am not sure I’d shell and eat them, but I like to cook and bake with them.
  • Moonlit Path body wash and fragrance from Bath&Body Works.
  • My new Singer Curvysewing machine.

Just my little discoveries.

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