Crafty & Thrifty

This quilt was Younger Brother’s Christmas gift to Older Brother with me as proxy. It was an easy, rapid quilt to sew but packed with punch. YB picked all the fabric. A lovely, patient woman out in Gilchrist county with a long arm sewing machine in her backyard shed (a shed competing with her double wide home for taxable living space)…quilted it in time for Christmas day. OB loves the quilt.

As any quilter must admit, left over fabric is both a blessing and a curse. Like a mother unable to let food go to waste who eats the remaining portions off of everyone’s plate while clearing the table, quilters dislike waste. It is a rare (abnormal) quilter who cannot justify keeping every scrap of fabric larger than 2 x 2 inches. I had quite a bit after finishing the Ginger quilt. From those scraps I have made this locker hooking pad.

Homemaking includes the art of thrift. Over ripe bananas become banana bread. Last night’s roast beef becomes today’s shaved roast beef sandwiches. Muslin sacks that once packed flour were historically made into dish towels or summer muslin dresses for toddlers. Burlap that held grain helped cover paths and mulch flower beds. There is a difference between being thrifty and being a TLC grade Hoarder. I am a practical person and see the usefulness in things that are usually considered trash and could easily end in the landfill. Now what to do with these very sturdy, handled, LIDDED plastic bins in which my clumping Cat litter is sold?




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