These were fun to make: strawberry cupcakes. I go the recipe from Lick the Bowl Good. It got me to thinking how many varieties of cupcakes can be made with Jell-O gelatin. I am fixated on orange. A white cake with orange Jell-O with a tangy citrus drizzle on the top.

And then there were these cookies. Divine. Truly. Cranberries, pistachios and light cookie crumble. And they are slice and bake, which makes them super easy. I love icebox cookies.

I absolutely love baking. I love cooking, but I really love baking. There is something about a baked treat. They are unnecessary and whimsical and delightful and fun. And when they are home made….treats mean LOVE. Everyday I stumble upon a recipe I want to make. Then, in my head, I rework the recipe, altering ingredients, embellishing. I think of a handful of other versions. Add nuts, swap vanilla to almond extract. Bake it as a muffin top and not a full sized loaf. Someone asked me how I don’t weigh 400lbs. I don’t really want to EAT the stuff. I want to give it away. I want to bake for others and watch them indulge. Their pleasure makes me happy.

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