Small Batch

As so often is the case, a new project originates from chaos. Whether it is a novel arising out of grief and disappointment or a house materializing out of the mists of dreams, every new endeavor starts from disorder. The first step is to define what you want, what you want to say or show and maybe how you want to get there. And few projects can be completed overnight. I doubt the validity and veracity of these Extreme Home Makeovers that proportĀ  in a mere seven days, they can raze a house and rebuild something sound and solid. I think it looks good on the surface, but just under the surface, it’s slipshod. This is not to say amateur, volunteer builders do subpar work. Just the contrary, volunteers for Habitat for Humanity build a consistently sturdy house. The hand made home will last. Habitat Homes fared better in Hurricane Katrina than many more expensive, custom built homes. Hard to beat a hand-driven nail.

My skepticism lies in the rush job and the idea that compressing time and forcing productivity improves anything. It may turn out more widgets, lower the cost of the widgets, make widgets more widely available to the masses; it may even improve uniformity in product. I don’t believe it makes a BETTER product. Examples abound.

  • small batch whiskey
  • homemade cookies
  • hand made confections, like the Mast Brothers or even my local Thornbrooke Chocolates
  • farmers’ market vegetables
  • Cabernet soap, like the bar I bought in San Francisco
  • a homemade jar of fig preserves or orange marmalade
  • a fresh loaf of sour dough, like at Tartine or my local Uppercrust
  • a Craig’s fish sandwich…mile marker 88
  • the white, once heavily starched crocheted Christmas ornaments my Ganny and Meemaw made
  • a hand-crocheted afghan or a hand-made quilt

This is my new project:

There is no rush. It will eventually hang on the back of the sofa, that I have yet to buy, for the living room in the house I have yet to build. I have time. No rush. But, I do have a vision. And I will make it and it will look like this:

You have to start somewhere……I will start from right here…..Simon Says, take one step forward.

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