River of Stones: Day 13

Somethings I need to focus on better and pay attention. I need to listen better. Other things, I need to learn how to ignore. And still others, I need to learn how to forget.


This river of stones writing project has asked us to focus and become aware, to be present in the moment, notice our surroundings and our environment. Since Realisa has primarily been a place to focus on my observations about the beauty or discord of my internal landscape…and less focused on the physical, external landscape… has felt as if I have retracted and withdrawn over the last two weeks rather than honed my focus. I have felt I had to shift from my internal process to a purely tangible, natural world. And while I am captivated by beauty and natural wonder in flowers or food, I am more apt to be captivated and enthralled with the internal dynamics. This space is a dialogue with myself . And I am not very good with snippets.

[Written but not posted on Thursday due to time constraints in the morning.]

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