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River of Stones: Day 14

My feet are cold. They are always cold. I sleep in socks. I live in Florida. It’s not that cold in my house but my feet are cold. When they get cold, they hurt.


The Small Stones project is meant to facilitate focus and awareness in a particular fraction of time. That immediacy of thought and focus is a landmass away from where my mind focuses when I sit down to write. To stay within the parameters of the project, I have to draw back, change to a wide angle lens and take things slightly out of focus because I don’t know how to condense all that pours through my head. I’m not scatter brained. My brain is like a massive satellite array, I collect and process several frames of data simultaneously. I can’t always give you an opinion or interpretation, but the data is in there. So, when I sit down to write…..there is alot on which I can focus. When I walk into a room I collect information like a sponge not a 30 gauge syringe. And if you ask me to JUST think like the needle: pinpoint and precise…..I don’t stop being aware of the hulk of information from which I am not drawing. The pinpoint is not always JUST a pinpoint. It is defined, changed or modified by the things around it and I want to include all of that.

I see the complexity of systems. Like some ancient parable…in that complexity… I see the simplest beauty. And I am eager and childlike in my wish to share it. Look, look what I have. Look at THIS!! I want other people to see what I see and be captivated or fascinated with the innocent of a child.

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