When I power down and restart my Blackberry, updates are downloaded automatically. Updates patch glitches and provide fixes but also give increased speed and efficiency. Updates are not only fixing problems but improving the future. My desk PC and computer have similar functionality, except your have to turn the dang thing off. You also have to keep it from hibernating in the middle of the updates.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if human minds had similar functionality?

You know what you want from life. You have a designated path, a goal, a desire, a destination. But you get glitchy and buggy and stumble. You end up sluggish and lose speed. It takes forever to process things and the simplest task feels like a NASA calculation for orbiting Jupiter. We need updates. And the updates need to be automatic, automated and pre-programmed. If we know where we are going and what we want, we’ve selected an operating platform, so why can’t the updates be no brainers: they fix the bugs, patch the glitches, clean up the spaghetti code, improve speed and efficiency and help us get going TO THAT DESTINATION. Getting auto-updates would not remove or eliminate the enjoyment of the journey. We update our vehicles before a trip (or we should). We fill up the tank, we check the tire pressure, sometimes we rent a car because the journey requires something safer or bigger. Our journeys in life are no different. We cannot set off for that distant place on an empty tank or an empty stomach. We must take provisions. We must bring what is needed to sustain us. It requires pacing, good maps, a compass, a lifeline, and a forward tether. Even if our goal is to have no goal, the forward tether is life itself, to stay ALIVE is the master tether. If one has no real baseline desire to LIVE then there is no true tether and you are adrift. This also means you get NO UPDATES. If you cannot connect  to the internet, the intranet, the family net, the heart net, the God-net…..the universe…..you can’t get patched or upgraded. Then you are truly fucked. Because even when you think you don’t want to be ALIVE…you still want your updates. Free will only gets you so far. I can’t have my updates from Microsoft without CONNECTING to Microsoft. Life is no different. I can’t get to my desires and my dreams without CONNECTING to people, to trust, to faith, to love, to my Higher power. My inner power can only be UPGRADED through others. I am not an island and I don’t want to be because I like updates….they remind me I have a forward tether….several forward tethers: dreams of a place, of love, of faith and of happiness.

Yesterday, I needed to stop trying to figure out how to run the computations on a CPU that had not gotten vital updates. I needed to avoid the frustration, power down and simply REBOOT from a true OFF position. And then I needed to WAIT and let all the updates arrive, install and WAIT some more for the restart.

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