Sour & Sweet

I could write a whole post about responsibility. I could write about rescuing other people from their ineptitude. I could write about self-respect  and pride. I could write about the various methods of motivation with regards to a child other than screaming or bribing. Why can I write about this? Because over the weekend I spent no less than eleven hours policing my younger son while he did homework. This is not homework that is due. This is homework that WAS due, is incomplete and hidden deep in the recesses of locker and backpack. This is homework left untouched, undone and is claimed to be unknown. It is an alibi that simply holds no water. I don’t feel sorry. I don’t attribute this to his attention deficit disorder. I can’t blame it on lack of intelligence because his I.Q. busts the curve. As I contained my anger and diluted my disappointment, I had time to ponder why things happen as they happen. I also think my stoic response, my lack of emotionality disturbed my son more than if I had ranted or shamed. Since he is such an intuitive child, being unable to read my response eliminated his tendency to modulate and morph based on how he thinks I want him to behave. It means he has to make his own decisions based on his own assessment not his interpretation.

But, I don’t want to write about that stuff. I want to write about the truly amazing BUTTER I made. From a half quart of organic heavy whipping cream, I made butter. And it is cheaper than organic butter and almost cheaper than standard butter quarters. And…it does not freeze solid in the fridge but stays spreadable and soft. It was truly heavenly on an English muffin with fig preserves yesterday.

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