The week ahead

The week stretches before me like an obstacle course. It is a challenge and the kind of week that, when over, will feel like I was very productive. It is a good mix between being the cog in the machine that runs my business, making administrative decisions for my volunteer activities AND my business and tidying up a large creative project. On Friday afternoon, as I look back on this week, I hope for it to have the appearance of a flawlessly executed downhill run, barely touching any of the flags. I hope to avoid the Wide World of Sports agony of defeat spectacle.

So, I pause this morning as a quiet offering. I clear my head and write a small blurb on this space. I make myself a fine lunch to simplify my day. I take a moment to breathe and pause. I give thanks. I pack my gym clothes for after work. I have had a lovely weekend playing with my sister and our sons. I rode rollercoasters. I had a spa facial and maybe, hopefully lessened my fine wrinkles. I went to IKEA and spent only $22, but I got a catalog and a head full of ideas for the house. I got to visit The Whole Foods market (woot!). I edited more of my novel and I am almost ready to print the final copy for resubmission to the contest. I am ready for this week. It will be a good week. I am programmed for these kinds of task oriented weeks. I am a juggler. I excel in these time compressed spaces. And I am always challenged to do everything that needs to get done but to do with all the extra “Martha Stewart” embellishments. Beauty in my daily life converts to whimsy and silliness what to most people feels like drudgery and chores. Life is meant to be beautiful. Actually, life, unto itself is stunningly beautiful. I add the extras for my own delight and pleasure.

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