Saturday mornings are a favorite. As a child it was Bugs Bunny cartoons…well, Saturday morning cartoons period. It was a time of three national TV channels, a local TV channel and PBS. TVs had antennae, or rabbit ears. Often, the rabbit ears had tin foil flags on them. I remember when my father put a big antennae on the side of the house to increase reception.  What a lightening rod! Now, we have several 24 hour a day cartoon channel. Something in the commonality and easy accessibility diminishes the specialness of cartoons.

Being able to have instant access of everything does change how much we value something. The simple laws of supply and demand are dismantled and we are left only with fads. There are no seasons, no seasonal foods. Since we all live in air conditioning, we barely think about running the oven all day and cooking “winter food” in the summer. I much prefer to be seasonal. Eat fresh and eat seasonal. Eat local if possible. It is true that I have a deep freezer and store my harvest to use later. And isn’t it grand? While I used one of my final frozen seal-a-meal packets of blueberries for muffins on Thursday night, I thrill at making the same muffins in December.

I am headed off to the farmer’s market to see what’s fresh today. Maybe I will find some good pickling cucumbers so I can eat summer pickles in December, too.

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